The Turnbull Government has jeopardised children in regional Australia's access to early education, and rejected expert and long-standing advice to preserve a minimum of two days care for vulnerable Australian children. 

These cuts will affect every single recipient of Family Tax Benefit, leaving 1.5 million Australian families worse off.

There are a significant number of disadvantaged kids in regional Australia, and Labor has called on the Government to reverse its decision.

We know that disadvantaged kids are the ones who have the most to gain from early education, and when their access is limited, they face starting school well behind their peers, and may never bridge that gap.

But the Government’s childcare changes are letting down the kids who need it the most. Experts in the sector have called for the bill to be blocked in its entirety if this problem was not fixed.

Labor voted against the Turnbull Government’s deal to cut $1.4 billion from Family Tax Benefits.

Malcolm Turnbull’s latest cut to families is straight from the horror 2014 Abbott Budget – a freeze of the Family Tax Benefit Payment rates for two years.

The Liberals, Nationals as well as Pauline Hanson’s and Nick Xenophon’s political all cut a deal to cut family payments to 1.5 million Australian families in the Senate this week. 

Families should know that Labor is on their side when it comes to helping them with the cost of raising a family.