Let's focus on the game, not the gaming.

Get rid of sports betting ads

It is time to rid our TVs, scoreboards and commentary of those incessant sports betting ads.

Since 2006, there has been a 230 per cent increase in online sports betting and it now represents about 15-20% of problem gamblers in Australia. This is a real problem and we need a real solution.

Sign my petition and tell the TV advertisers that enough is enough. We need to focus on the joy of sport again, not the bottom dollar.

For more info click here and read my full blog in the Illawarra Mercury.

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  • signed 2017-11-07 19:14:06 +1100
    I’ve just seen a sports betting ad on TV at 3:35pm. Sports bet adverts on TV and radio should be banned altogether, and if not, then certainly during children’s watching/listening times. Sports should be played for sports sake, not for gambling. Its past time the authorities acted to ban the adverts.
  • signed 2017-11-07 11:53:24 +1100
    Michael Vandenbruggen Betting ads are much too frequent we are all sick to the back teeth with them.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-11-04 16:33:48 +1100
    Sign the petition: Get rid of sports betting ads
  • signed 2017-11-04 16:33:23 +1100
    I have been shocked by the proliferation of betting ads. We got rid of smoking ads years ago and now we have these insidious ads out to ruin more lives.
  • signed 2017-11-01 20:22:55 +1100
    I’m so sick of these gambling ads. The songs are annoying and I cringe every time one comes onto the tv. Put me out of my misery!
  • signed 2017-10-26 17:47:10 +1100
    Enough is enough.
  • signed 2017-10-22 19:42:42 +1100
  • signed via 2017-10-21 22:45:33 +1100
    Wayne J Thompson
  • signed 2017-10-20 11:08:59 +1100
  • signed 2017-10-19 21:58:41 +1100
    Two out of four ads I just saw were for gambling apps. Every ad break has at least one gambling ad.. There is nothing ‘responsible’ about these ads. Get rid of them, or at the very least limit how many can be shown. It’s appalling.
  • signed 2017-10-19 21:53:38 +1100
    So sick of betting adverts bombarding every commercial break – even in children-viewing time. Even worse, have a listen to the moron, bogan-sounding speakers in these adverts. They are a clear illustration of the audience they are targeting. Have you noticed there are no women in these adverts , only loser looking punters blowing the family budget.
  • signed 2017-10-18 22:57:12 +1100
    So tired of the sheer overload of betting advertisements on our tv and radio. Please control the frequency of ads for a possibly addictive product or behaviour. No problem with sports games or racing of any kind but the excessive promotion of betting/gambling on the outcome is unhealthy and downright infuriating
  • signed 2017-10-18 17:16:26 +1100
    “Gamble responsibly” . What a crock.
  • signed 2017-10-18 09:53:33 +1100
    Thank you for the chance to add my name to this cause. I have tried to start a petition going on Facebook but lacked the knowledge of how to do it, and I was put onto the link to your petition by my daughter in law.
  • signed 2017-10-13 18:12:43 +1100
    When gambling is such a huge problem in Australia, it makes me so angry to see these ads telecast during sports programs and prior to say 9pm when children should be in bed. Channel 7 is the only channel I watch apart from ABC & SBS so I am not sure if they are the worst or not – but they are responsible for all the gambling ads I have seen much to my disgust. This sends the wrong message to kids! Sport should be about sport! NOT GAMBLING!
  • signed 2017-10-12 12:46:56 +1100
    I would love to see all these ads banned on TV its disgusting. My daughters marriage failed due to her husband having a huge gambling problem
  • signed 2017-10-11 22:15:11 +1100
    It’s getting ridiculous, 50% of ads today during the 18:00 news were for betting, what an example to our grandkids,
  • signed 2017-09-25 20:49:49 +1000
    Allowing gambling advertisemets during television peak periods is outrageous. The illusion portrayed by slick television marketing belies the damage being done to young impressionable lives. Suggesting that everyone wins and appealing to young men’s egos is underhanded and unethical.
  • signed 2017-09-24 21:09:55 +1000
    Sick of being bombarded by multiple gambling ads every single commercial break, and gambling segments pretending to be part of the analysis on various sports shows. Utterly infuriating, we got rid of annoying Tom Waterhouse only to be flooded with this buffoonery.
  • signed 2017-05-17 21:25:32 +1000
    Smoking endorsements & advertising was banned years ago. The increase in gambling advertisements on TV, radio & mobile phone apps is ridiculous & out of control. The Government needs to step in & ban all sports betting advertising on TV, radio, newspapers & on social media.
  • signed 2017-04-25 14:56:31 +1000
    This needs to spread and be taken to government.
  • signed 2017-04-24 04:51:16 +1000
  • signed 2017-04-21 20:28:16 +1000
    All gambling advertising should be stopped.
  • signed 2017-04-21 18:58:16 +1000
    Sick to death of gambling, horse racing and sport advertising on tv especially channel 7 now 9 is getting on act plus even on play store and iTunes on kids games and apps. So bad it’s annoying
  • signed 2017-04-17 18:46:13 +1000
    Government has the power to ban any advertising that creates an addictive behaviour, but they need something to replace the loss in cigarette sales revenue
  • signed 2017-04-04 20:29:39 +1000
    These ads so infuriate me, they’re equivalent to midnight ‘Call Me Call Me Now’ sex ads and annoying viagra/penis enlargement junk emails and the like. Besides which, gambling addiction is a REAL issue for many in society worldwide – I feel like they’re shoving it down our throats, regardless. My uncle is a very rich man – a retired former bookie, and he says BOOKIES NEVER BET because they know it’s a MUGS GAME!!!
  • signed 2017-03-28 21:19:05 +1100
  • signed 2017-03-24 20:55:49 +1100
    I wrote a comment but for whatever reason it did not register. Please fix this problem as it is likely not an isolated one!

    Please phone me for more input.
  • signed 2017-03-20 22:19:34 +1100
    Ban betting adds
  • signed 2017-03-19 18:09:03 +1100
    When i gambled i never took notice of the ads but now I am trying to quit they are every 5 seconds. Make the bad man stop!