My office in Shellharbour has received a spike in requests for portraits of Queen Elizabeth. Continue reading


E&OE TRANSCRIPTPRESS CONFERENCEMONDAY 30 JULY 2018 SUBJECTS: Labor’s Second Tranche of Anti-Dumping Policy, Australian Manufacturing, By-election results SHARON BIRD, MEMBER FOR CUNNINGHAM: I just want to say this morning that my colleagues Fiona Phillips, Stephen Jones and I are just thrilled to have Kim Carr and Jason Clare our Shadow Ministers here today looking at very important work being done by our university sector and our local manufacturing businesses. Continue reading


E&OE TRANSCRIPTTV INTERVIEWSKY NEWSTHURSDAY, 26 JULY 2018 SUBJECT/S: By-elections, NBN, 5G  TOM CONNELL:   Hello and welcome to the program.  We are just two days to go until these five by-elections.  Realistically now we are looking at two of them in the main – Longman and Braddon.  Continue reading

The Jones Report - 9 July 2018

The Government has released the long-awaited response to the Productivity Commission Report on GST Distribution.  Described like that – its hard for anyone but State Premiers to get excited about, but it is critical to the financing of state services that we all rely on.  The Government rejected most of the PC recommendations replacing it with a guaranteed floor on funding and a top up to States who would otherwise miss out.  Here's the key parts: Continue reading


E&OE TRANSCRIPT DOORSTOP DEVONPORT, TASMANIA MONDAY, 2 JULY 2018   SUBJECT/S: NBN, GST, Cannabis JUSTINE KEAY, LABOR’S CANDIDATE FOR BRADDON:   So thank you very much. I'm Justine Keay, I’m the Labor candidate for the Braddon by-election. And I've got with me today our Shadow Minister for Regional Development and Telecommunications, Stephen Jones. He's come down to the North West today. And Sam Hope, we're outside his business here in Devonport, Blind Design, Sam has told us that he's had significant issues with the NBN and it’s having huge impacts on his business. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 22 June 2018

This week has been all about income tax policy. The Government’s plan, revealed in the May Budget, passed through the Senate with the support of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. In the next breath, it started pushing for corporate tax cuts setting the scene for an early election on tax. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 15 June 2018

This week the Government released its response to the Royal Commission into child sex abuse.  I welcome it.  A redress Scheme has been established, which will involve compensation and counselling for survivors and a national apology will be given. The Royal Commission also recommended the removal of secrecy of admissions of child sex abuse given during a religious confession.  The ACT and South Australian Governments have announced they will legislate to oblige this.  The churches should also cooperate without qualification. Continue reading


E&OE TRANSCRIPT DOORSTOP SULPHUR CREEK, TASMANIAFRIDAY, 1 JUNE 2018 SUBJECT/S: Labor to boost mobile phone coverage for North West Tasmania, Printing and Communications Entitlements Continue reading

The Jones Report - 25 May 2018

After another two weeks of delay, the dates for the five by-elections have been announced. Malcolm Turnbull is clearly attempting to drag the process out in a Parliament where the numbers are tight. Having five less non-Government MPs in the Chamber provides a clear advantage to the flailing fortunes of the Turnbull Government but leaving these seats without representatives for two months is an abuse of the democratic process. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 18 May 2018

On this day in 1974, Australians went to the polls for a double dissolution election that would shape the future of healthcare in this country.  Parliament had been deadlocked for months as the Coalition parties blocked the proposition to form a new national Health Insurance Commission to be known as Medibank. Continue reading