The Jones Report - 15 June 2018

This week the Government released its response to the Royal Commission into child sex abuse.  I welcome it.  A redress Scheme has been established, which will involve compensation and counselling for survivors and a national apology will be given. The Royal Commission also recommended the removal of secrecy of admissions of child sex abuse given during a religious confession.  The ACT and South Australian Governments have announced they will legislate to oblige this.  The churches should also cooperate without qualification. Continue reading


E&OE TRANSCRIPT DOORSTOP SULPHUR CREEK, TASMANIAFRIDAY, 1 JUNE 2018 SUBJECT/S: Labor to boost mobile phone coverage for North West Tasmania, Printing and Communications Entitlements Continue reading

The Jones Report - 25 May 2018

After another two weeks of delay, the dates for the five by-elections have been announced. Malcolm Turnbull is clearly attempting to drag the process out in a Parliament where the numbers are tight. Having five less non-Government MPs in the Chamber provides a clear advantage to the flailing fortunes of the Turnbull Government but leaving these seats without representatives for two months is an abuse of the democratic process. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 18 May 2018

On this day in 1974, Australians went to the polls for a double dissolution election that would shape the future of healthcare in this country.  Parliament had been deadlocked for months as the Coalition parties blocked the proposition to form a new national Health Insurance Commission to be known as Medibank. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 12 May 2018

This week has been a story of two budgets and a High Court decision. On Tuesday, the Turnbull Government outlined its priorities - $80 billion for big business tax cuts, about $10 per week for low and middle income earners, an $83 million cut to the ABC and an addition $270 million cut to TAFE. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 4 May 2018

Next week is Budget Week, the 5th Budget to be delivered by the Abbott /Turnbull Governments and it’s why this week the Government has been busy with a string of prequel announcements and authorised leaks.  There will be tax cuts for craft beer brewers, cash for a few projects in marginal Government electorates and days of speculation around personal income tax. Continue reading

Transcript: Wollongong: Illawarra families worse off under Turnbull Government’s child care changes

SHADOW MINISTER FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT, AMANDA RISHWORTH MP: Today we have heard the government talk a lot about education but their actions in early education do not back up their rhetoric. What we know when it comes to early education is that the government’s new child care package coming in on the 2nd of July will leave one in five families in the Illawarra worse off. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 27 April 2018

This week, Malcolm Turnbull’s Government ditched another policy that it said only a few weeks ago was essential to the country’s future. Their proposed increase to the Medicare levy was said to be necessary to fund the NDIS. Labor opposed this for two reasons - the first was a conviction that the Government’s claim was fundamentally dishonest. The NDIS had been funded; a proposition the Treasurer now concedes. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 20 April 2018

The Banking Royal Commission claimed its first high-profile scalp, this week, as the Chief Executive Officer of the once highly-respected institution - AMP - was forced to resign. Continue reading

The Jones Report - 13 April 2018

There was a moment that we all stood proud this week. It was the 10,000m women’s final with Celia Sullohern, Madeline Hills and Eloise Wellings competing for Australia. They ran well but that’s not what will be remembered. It was the image of the three of them waiting on the track for another five minutes to cheer on Lesotho’s Lineo Chaka while she finished her run. Very sporting. Continue reading