Tony Abbott's Back Flip On Food Labelling

This morning Tony Abbott performed quite the back flip, promising that the Government would introduce tougher food labeling regulations in light of the hepatitis A outbreak. Let's not forget what he said just eight days ago...  

Today On Sky News I Made My Thoughts Known On The Attacks On Gillian Triggs

The Abbott Government's attacks on the Human Rights Commissioner are unacceptable.  Continue reading

Gift Of Life Walk On A Beautiful Canberra Morning

This morning I joined Shadow Health Minister, Catherine King, in taking part in the DonateLife Gift of Life Walk around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. We need to do all we can to promote organ donation, Australia has relatively low rates of donation compared to other OECD countries and this isn't good enough.   

Appearance on Sky New's Lunchtime Agenda - 25 February 2015

DAVID LIPSON: Well let’s bring in Alex Hawke and Stephen Jones to hear their reactions. I might start with you Stephen Jones, a reaction to Scott Morrison’s address there - I think we can all agree on making the system when it comes to welfare more efficient. But would Labor accept any winding back of welfare payments whatsoever? STEPHEN JONES, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: We will work with the Government in ensuring that we can simplify things where that is appropriate.     Continue reading

Question Time - An Opportunity To Get Some Answers On The Hepatitis A Scare

On Monday I rose during Question Time and fired the following question at Tony Abbott - when was any government department first advised that imported berries had been contaminated with hepatitis A, and how many Australians have potentially been exposed to contaminated frozen berries? The answer, unfortunately, was lacking. There is no leadership being taken, government officials are doing their best but decisive action from the Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister is overdue.    

Speaking Outside Parliament On The Hepatitis A Outbreak

18 Australians are now infected with the hepatitis A virus. Speaking outside the House of Reps on Monday morning I asked one simple question - why is the Government still not acting to protect people at risk? Later that day the head of the Agriculture Department, Paul Grimes, directly contradicted the Prime Minister's claims that 100 per cent of all produce products were being screened. This is further evidence of the Abbott Government's chaotic and dysfunctional handling of a serious matter.     

Tanya Plibersek Visits Shoalhaven Hospital To Talk Health

Recently the Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and International Development, Tanya Plibersek, was kind enough to visit the region. Together we spoke to reporters outside the Shoalhaven Memorial District Hospital about the Tony Abbott/Mike Baird health cuts and the impact this has had on hospitals. We were joined by Labor candidates Glenn Kolomeitz and Fiona Phillips who were keen to remind everyone that Premier Baird has failed to stand up to Tony Abbott on his harmful cuts.     

Interview on SKY News Live

*** Date not accurately recorded *** HOST PETER VAN ONSELEN: I’m joined now by Labor’s Stephen Jones, he is Labor’s Shadow Assistant Health spokesperson.    Continue reading