Talking to ABC's Melinda James About Marriage Equality

MELINDA JAMES: Joining me now is Stephen Jones. Good morning. SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH, STEPHEN JONES: Good morning, good to be with you.   Continue reading

Chatting to ABC Illawarra About The Medicare Rebate Freeze

MELINDA JAMES: Joining me now is Stephen Jones, who is the federal Member for Throsby and the Assistant Shadow Minister for Health.  SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH, STEPHEN JONES: Good to be with you.   Continue reading

Chatting to 2UE's Justin Smith About A Particularly Cruel Government Cut

JUSTIN SMITH: So there you go, it's been calculated at about 700 per cent more expensive.    Continue reading

Sky News Lunchtime Agenda with Laura Jayes

LAURA JAYES: Stephen Jones, first to you on this iron ore inquiry. Labor was open to the idea yesterday, Bill Shorten said he would like to see any terms of reference. Will Labor pursue this if the Government doesn't? STEPHEN JONES, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: Well, the Government has got to sort out what its position is on it. At the moment they seem to be torn asunder on this.   Continue reading

Sky News PVO Newshour Alongside Angus Taylor

PETER van ONSELEN: Angus let me start with you if I can, I was just talking to the Assistant Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, I'm now talking to a Liberal backbencher with far more, vastly more financial experience than the Assistant Treasurer. It must be frustrating in party politics, you are new to politics but you are incredibly well qualified outside of Parliament. But in a Labor-like process you have to wait your turn. STEPHEN JONES, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: Be careful with this Angus.   Continue reading

ABC 774 Radio With Rafael Epstein and Bruce Billson

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: I want to start Bruce Billson with you, the elevation if I can call it that of Richard Di Natale. I suppose he is just replacing Christine Milne as leader of the Greens. Especially around something like petrol indexation, excise indexation, any feeling or vibe that you might have a more willing partner in the Senate now? MINISTER FOR SMALL BUSINESS, BRUCE BILLSON: Well let's hope so.    Continue reading


DAVID LIPSON: Joining me now the Shadow Assistant Minister for Health, Stephen Jones. Thank you very much time for your time today. Labor has been fighting tooth and nail for almost a year or a week shy of a year the changes to pension indexation. There are reports today that those changes will be abandoned, not quite confirmed by the Finance Minister this morning, but you would be happy to see those reports wouldn't you?   Continue reading


CHRIS HAMMER: Good morning to both of you. Now there is a suggestion today, Andrew Laming, that the Government will revisit and attempt to salvage the ALP e-health scheme and put more money into it in the Budget. Does that make sense to you?   Continue reading

ABC Illawarra Radio - Discussing Whether We Need a Federal ICAC

TONY ARTHUR: Well, there are now calls for a federal anti-corruption body. Federal Labor could soon be pushing for its federal establishment and the New South Wales branch last year passed a motion calling for a federal body and the issue will be discussed at July's national conference.    Continue reading

Sky News Lunchtime Agenda

TOM CONNELL: I might just start with you Stephen Jones on this issue of climate and the targets that are being set at the moment.   Continue reading