Interview with ABC Illawarra on Private Health Insurance

MELINDA JAMES: Do you agree that private health insurance in this country needs to be reformed? There are problems if people are paying for policies that are basically worthless. Do you think that there does need to be reform? STEPHEN JONES, MEMBER FOR THROSBY & SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: Look, there are a bunch of issues that need to be looked at.    Continue reading

Interview with ABC Illawarra On Local Content Changes

MELINDA JAMES: Joining me now is the federal Member for Throsby here in the Illawarra, Stephen Jones. Good morning. STEPHEN JONES, MEMBER FOR THROSBY: Good morning, good to be with you. Continue reading

Interview with ABC Illawarra On Tax Reform

MELINDA JAMES: Joining me now is Stephen Jones, Labor Member for Throsby. Stephen Jones would you be happy to fight an election on an increase to the GST?   Continue reading

Doorstop on Cuts to alcohol and drug treatment services

STEPHEN JONES: Well it’s great to be on the Central Coast with Senator Deb O’Neill. We’re visiting drug and alcohol rehabilitation services on the Central Coast, we know we’ve got a problem with drug and alcohol abuse, and we know the services aren’t in place to deal with the problem.   Continue reading

interview with abc illawarra on saving steel

MELINDA JAMES: This morning the board of BlueScope will be meeting. This is the board meeting where we expect BlueScope CEO Paul O’Malley to recommend to the board whether or not they should continue to make steel at Port Kembla.   Continue reading

ABC Illawarra Interview on Ice Treatment Cuts Hurting the Illawarra

MELINDA JAMES: Let’s hear from Stephen Jones, the Opposition’s assistant spokesperson on health. He has had a lot to say about ice and federal government funding for various treatment programs. He spoke earlier today to Nick McLaren. STEPHEN JONES, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: The situation in the Illawarra, in the Shoalhaven, in the Southern Highlands, in fact right around the country, is exactly the same.    Continue reading

Announcing Labor's Plans for Medicinal Cannabis on ABC24

NEWSREADER: The Federal Opposition says it will support any bid to help legalise the medicinal use of cannabis. In a statement released this evening, Labor said it will ensure patients suffering from a terminal or other serious illness will be allowed access to safe, reliable and legal medicinal cannabis if it gets into power.   Continue reading

Chatting to Northern Territory ABC about drug and alcohol treatment cuts

ROWAN BARWICK: Are those looking to get off drugs and off alcohol in central Australia especially suffering because funding to rehab services has been cut? The Shadow Assistant Health Minister, Stephen Jones, and Northern Territory Labor Senator, Nova Peris, have been in town.    Continue reading

A Doorstop in Alice Springs on Drug & Alcohol Treatment Cuts

STEPHEN JONES, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: Great to be here at Aranda House with my good friend and hardworking Senator from the Northern Territory, Nova Peris, and the CEO of Aranda House, Carole Taylor.   Continue reading

ABC Illawarra Radio - Real Action Needed on ice

PETER RILEY: Last week the federal Opposition was critical of the federal Government's response to the ice epidemic.   Continue reading