Interview with ABC Illawarra on Digital Inclusion

MELINDA JAMES: The Swinburne Institute was commissioned by Telstra to put together Australia’s first digital inclusion index.   Continue reading

Whitlam Polling Locations

Wondering where to vote tomorrow? The full list of polling locations is right here:   Continue reading

Interview with ABC Illawarra on Election Eve

NICK RHEINBERGER: That’s Jan Mandelson, the Nationals candidate for the seat of Whitlam talking to me earlier on the morning.  Continue reading

Doorstop with labor's candidate for dobell Emma McBride

STEPHEN JONES MP, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR HEALTH: I’m with Anne Charlton and Emma McBride at the Kamira Drug and Alcohol Treatment service, which is a unique service in New South Wales providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for women throughout the state.   Continue reading

Chatting to ABC Hobart on my recent trip to Tasmania

JOURNALIST: Federal Labor today will announce funding towards a hospice in Launceston if elected. The Shadow Minister for Regional Communications and the Shadow Assistant Minister for Health is in Devonport for that and other announcements. Stephen Jones, good morning to you.      Continue reading

Doorstop with Labor's candidate for Bass Ross Hart

HART: Thank you everyone for attending today. It is a lovely sunny day in Launceston and I am very honored to invite Stephen Jones, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Health here today. He is here to make a very exciting announcement regarding palliative care in Launceston.      Continue reading

Doorstop with Sharon Claydon on the NBN

STEPHEN JONES MP, SHADOW MINISTER FOR REGIONAL COMMUNICATIONS: I’m Stephen Jones, Shadow Minister for Regional Communications and I’m delighted to be in Newcastle with Sharon Claydon and Gordon and Melanie Allerton and their great business.    Continue reading

interview with abc great southern about labor's nbn plan

TIM BRUNERO: We've just heard the Coalition plan and you've heard it too - using a mix of technologies to get a satisfactory result in a timeframe that they say is accelerated from Labor's plan. What is Labor's plan?   Continue reading

Doorstop in Townsville to announce new funding commitment


Interview with 7AD radio about Labor's plans for health

BRIAN CARLTON: A couple of months ago before it became known we were definitely going to a July 2 double dissolution election. It was shaping up as a no contest.   Continue reading