Fowlers Road


Original article: 'Illawarra dudded again', 9 December 2015, Illawarra Mercury

The proposal Turnbull won't fund: 'Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive link concept design', WCC


For the past 30 years Dapto locals have fought for the Fowlers Road extension and bridge. This project will create local jobs, reduce congestion and improve access between your home, the Dapto CBD, the Motorway and workplaces beyond.

The Turnbull Government have rejected $10 Million funding for this worthy, shovel-ready project, instead they chose to fund a motorsport recreational facility in Nowra.

It beggars belief that a motorsport track without planning approval could be given $9,532,500.00 over the Fowlers Road project.

This decision reveals a smug indifference to our region by Turnbull Government Ministers. An indifference which is also highlighted by the Government's total failure to assist the 500 retrenched Bluescope workers or make any of the necessary changes to protect Australian manufacturers from illegally imported steel.

Our region deserves better.

There can be no rest in the fight for the Fowlers Road project. Sign the petition to voice your support. 


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    With all the housing developments going on in West Dapto, there needs to be better access and infrastructure.
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    Sign the petition: Fowlers Road
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    I have been fighting for the Fowlers Road Bridge Extension to join onto Bong Bong Road otherwise it will will be a total white elephant like Fairwater Drive East, for the LAST 22 YEARS since January 1994. The incompetent Labor and Liberal candidates since January 1980 have promised this bridge at every respective election and totally failed to deliver turning people away from both parties in droves. How many more decades will it take to build the bridge that is the only way out for the 10,000 people of Horsley in times of major flooding which has happened six times since 1984!!
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    I have already paid a Deposit to have this completed, some 17yrs ago. ’give a break".
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    We have been waiting for far too long – get it done!
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    I’m sick and tired of this extension being given the “flick”. It has been needed for many years, so the Government needs to get on with it. As in the NIKE adds … DO IT!
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    It is already too congested getting in and out of Horsley! If Fowlers Bridge does not get built we will have to add an extra hour or so to our trip to just get into the CBD.
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    I love that Dapto has developed into this amazing beautiful town with many young families choosing to build modern homes in the neighbouring suburbs, with a new school, new and improved Shopping Mall, beautifying the lake shores, parks and pristine train station. It’s no wonder people are settling here. Sadly the government don’t see the need to keep their promise to finish the Fowlers Road Extension and Bridge Project., obviously they have not experienced the horrendous daily traffic delays on Bong Bong Road. Honour your promises to these families who are building a better future, and finish the job.
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    Sign the petition: Fowlers Road
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    Gwen Robinson
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