Fighting For Steel

Today Federal and State Labor MPs stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight to keep steelmaking in the Illawarra.


Federal Labor MPs have written an open letter to the Prime Minister calling on the Abbott Government to act immediately and decisively to save the steelworks.

“Labor is committed to steelmaking, we will work constructively with all levels of government to save the steelworks, we won’t give up on steelmaking,” Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird said.


“We’re constructively putting forward our plan for steelmaking in the Illawarra before Minister MacFarlane visits the region,” Member for Throsby, Stephen Jones said.


The open letter calls for stronger anti-dumping measures, a guaranteed commitment to the Australian Jobs Act, government co-operation with industry on procurement, greater assistance for retrenched workers and support for small businesses. It will be published in the Illawarra Mercury on Saturday, 5 September 2015.


“With over 9,500 people looking for work in the region, we must minimise job losses and keep the region making steel,” Ms Bird said.


“If we lose steel, we lose the jobs and know-how forever. We’ve written to the Prime Minister telling him we’re happy to work with him to save the steelworks, but Labor will not let steelmaking disappear without a fight,” Mr Jones said.





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