NSW Farmers have blasted the Turnbull Government’s NBN satellite service telling Parliament’s Joint NBN Oversight Committee the service was failing to live up to expectations.

Farmers said rural and regional Australia was paying more for less under Turnbull’s satellite NBN.

Farmers consistently rate telecommunications as the “number one concern for farm-based businesses” but with higher costs, slower speeds and a less reliable service believed satellite NBN was not delivering for them.  While city based users are using their NBN for Netflix, the case in rural and regional Australia was very different.

NSW Farmers Federation told the Joint Committee, people living in rural and regional Australia “just want to be able to book a plane ticket in under 45 minutes.”

Yet again, the Minister for Regional Communications is missing in action as the Turnbull Government continues to put regional Australia at the bottom of the pile when it comes to broadband and communications.

With no new money in the Budget for Mobile Black Spots and only weeks after NBN revealed it had scuttled plans for 100mbps on the fixed wireless service, it’s clear Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Nationals have forgotten about regional Australia.