Dapto Labor Election Date Guessing Competition


Fancy yourself as the next Antony Green? Put your money when your mouth is. Invest $10 in Dapto Labor's Election Date Guessing Competition, and make your guess.

STEP 1. Pay for your entry here (It's $10 a guess),

STEP 2. Send your guess of the election dates choice to daptolabor@gmail.com

Be sure to correctly enter your details when you make the donation through stephenjones.org.au, as we'll use this information to contact you after the election date is known.

Read below for the fine print.


All the deets you need to know:

We're not lawyers or Antony Green, we're just a local branch, so by 'Federal Election', we mean a general election where all the men and women in the House of Representatives are up for re-election. We're not guessing about By-elections, and we're not guessing about whether the election is timed with a half senate election, a whole senate election, or even no senate election at all. Got it?

Also whatever we take in, 40% of that will be split by the winners who guessed the right date. So spread the word to your friends to help increase the prize pool! Everything left over after we've dispersed the winnings and paid for the (very negligible) cost of running the raffle will go to Dapto Labor's Federal Election Fighting Fund (that's a contribution to Stephen Jones' re-election).