Culture Wars Return: Abbott vs the ABC

SJ_SH_headshot.jpgThe campaign against the ABC is a Culture War we don’t need. 

It‘s not the role of any journalist or news agency to barrack for a particular team. It is certainly not the role of the ABC.  

Over the 15 years that I’ve been dealing closely with the ABC, I’ve defend its independence and the right to report and broadcast the news as it sees fit – even when I’m the unwilling recipient of an ABC brickbat.


Of course climate change deniers have a special ABC axe to grind. Their longstanding complaint is that our national broadcaster fails to “balance” the reporting of scientific evidence with the blathering of crackpots and carpet baggers.  Guilty but hardly culpable.

By announcing an ‘efficiency study’ of the ABC in the same week the Prime Minister launched his editorial attack, the message to journalists is clear: “We pay the piper …”

An objective study into the efficiency of the ABC will likely find that it is an effective service doing a pretty good job despite being underfunded for what it is required to achieve.

Always happy to hear your views on this (even if they are different to mine).