Creating Opportunities For Our Future Tradies (31/07/2010)

TRadesSchool_300w.jpgPrime Minister Julia Gillard on the importance of skills training for our future apprentices.


AS I SPEAK to parents, from all around the country, from all walks of life, one thing they all have in common is the desire to see their kids get a good education.

Education is central to Federal Labor’s agenda because no other investment we make delivers better returns than an investment in education.

Investment in education doesn’t just mean sending more students to uni. All kids are different, and for many students a uni education is not for them.

That is why I believe Trades Training Centres are a fantastic opportunity for thousands of students who want to learn the skills needed to succeed in a trade. We need to guarantee better quality of training and rigour, to not only better prepare students for their career, but also to improve the skills that our economy needs.

If we are re-elected on 21 August, Federal Labor will continue this program to ensure every secondary school has the opportunity to access a Trades Training Centre.

The Coalition has other ideas.

Tony Abbott plans to cut Trades Training Centres.

Mr Abbott’s plans were confirmed last night when he submitted his first election costings to the Departments of Treasury and Finance. Of the 17 policies he submitted, 16 were cuts to services like Trades Training Centres.

Mr Abbott will deny thousands of students the opportunity to learn a trade while at school, denying them the skills they’ll need to get a decent job.

A plan to cut and slash the services Australians rely on is not a vision for the future of the country.

Australia's children deserve the opportunity to learn the skills they’ll need to succeed in a trade and build a successful career. Federal Labor wants to make sure our kids get this opportunity, Tony Abbott wants to take it away.

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