The Turnbull Government’s decentralisation policy has been exposed as a complete farce in Senate Estimates, this week.

When asked to itemise the locations that would benefit from the Government’s Budget decentralisation announcements, it was revealed that over 80 per cent of jobs will move from one capital city to another.

Of the 98 jobs earmarked for relocation, 82 will go to one of Australia’s capital cities, including:

  • 40 jobs to relocate from Canberra to Adelaide
  • 25 jobs to relocate the 20 kms from Sydney to Parramatta
  • 10 jobs to relocate from Canberra to Darwin

Only 16 of the 98 jobs earmarked for decentralisation will go to a non-capital city.

Senate Estimates also revealed that little progress had been made on Departments’ presenting business cases to relocate roles to regional Australia, despite the deadline of December 2017.

It’s time for the Coalition to admit to regional communities its decentralisation policy is nothing more than a complete fizzer.