Coalition blocking fair go for local workers

local_workers.jpgFederal Member for Throsby Stephen Jones says the Coalition are doing Australian workers a disservice by blocking the Government’s  legislation to install greater transparency in the granting of temporary work visas for overseas workers.

“I’ve been pushing for this ‘Ready, Willing and Able’ Bill for a long time now and to see it blocked at the final hurdle shows just how uninterested the Opposition are in giving priority to jobs for Australian workers”, said Jones.

“The Bill is before the House at the moment but with only one week left before Parliament rises, the Opposition is frantically filibustering to make sure the legislation does not get passed.”

“The proposition is simple. If employers’ want to bring in workers from overseas to fill local vacancies, they have to demonstrate there isn’t a local worker who is ready, willing and able to do the job first.”

“Surely all Australians can agree on that.”