Stephen Jones will take the stories of local residents to Federal Parliament today, highlighting the failures of the Government that have seen Centrelink wait times skyrocket.

Under this Government we have a Shell Cove Age Pension recipient waiting almost six months for financial support, new parents in Berkeley with a 3 month old child who are yet to receive a cent in Paid Parental Leave, and a Kanahooka student relying the support of a single income family to get by because his youth allowance claim hasn’t been processed.

These are just three of many examples of the consequences of the Government’s cuts to Centrelink. These cuts have seen wait times and processing times increase, and a reduction in staff.

In this year’s Budget the Turnbull Government cut 1,280 staff from the Department of Human Services.

Last year, Malcolm Turnbull axed 1,180 jobs from Centrelink, and now we’ve seen age pension and carer payment processing times completely blow out.

Meanwhile, the Turnbull Government has outsourced 1,250 jobs to labour hire. This Government is selling Centrelink jobs piece by piece. Morale at Centrelink is at an all-time low.

Across our region, and across the country older Australians, University Students and those on Parental Leave are being forced to wait as long as 10 months before receiving their payments, leaving many feeling desperate and stressed.