Baird's Shellharbour Hospital Sell-off

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Whitlam) (13:49): The simple fact of the matter is this: Mike Baird has a plan to privatise hospitals in New South Wales, and Labor's Luke Foley has a plan to stop him. We do not have to wait until 2019, the next New South Wales election, to stop this terrible plan to privatise New South Wales hospitals, because this Saturday in three electorates in New South Wales—Orange, Wollongong and Bankstown—the people of New South Wales have the opportunity to cast their judgement on the Baird government's plans to privatise hospitals in New South Wales.

It has only been months since the last Liberal leader went to an election promising to do tremendous damage to health care in this country. While the Prime Minister is still smarting from the fact that Medicare was at the centre of the federal election campaign, it is quite clear that health care is going to be at the centre of the next state election campaign. At a rally in Shellharbour on the weekend, we saw thousands of people come out because they are still smarting from the fact that, at the last state election, the state member, Gareth Ward, and the Premier, Mike Baird, promised to invest $250 million into the Shellharbour Hospital. What they did not say was that it was a plan to privatise hospitals. It is a very clear message: no private hospitals.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Coulton ): Order! The member for Whitlam will resume his seat. The use of props is out of order.

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  • commented 2016-11-12 12:46:55 +1100
    A similar situation with Bowral hospital – this needs more attention.
    In addition to the Baird attempted land grab and rape, this hospital may also be under threat by one or more of it’s own specialists cherry picking assets to purchase for profit. The Bowral public hospital has better services including emergency services, than the Bowral private hospital and a takeover will mean that unless money is paid ordinary people that struggle daily with unmeasured inflationary costs and hidden taxation via fees, tithes, exorbitant Council rate increases authorised by Baird, monetisation of previously free services etc.. will not be able to access their own facilities – like operating theatre – without borrowing from fat bankers and paying additional large sums in $1000 to 10,000s in order to avoid indefinite delays and engendered fear mongering by (some) vested interest specialist and shareholders and most of all developers and Banks, greedy for rent and private gain. It is about time politicians wised up on the privatisation scam promulgated by global elites scrooges devouring the festering corpse of the social contract without contributing to anything except their selective self serving pet projects, further public suppression and weaponry.