Ipsos Global has, today, revealed Australia has been ranked last out of 28 nations when comparing broadband satisfaction. In fact, just one-in-three Australians rate the quality of Australia’s broadband as fair or very good.

This is yet another damning verdict on Turnbull’s failed copper NBN which is lurching from crisis to crisis. 

Just 32 per cent of Australians are happy with their broadband services. That is a shocking indictment on Malcolm Turnbull and the decisions he made as Communications Minister.

This cannot continue. Malcolm Turnbull must swallow his pride and apologise for his poor technology decisions and dysfunctional market arrangements.

No more excuses. No more waiting. People want answers and they want solutions.

The Government must act to address the systemic issues of faults and failures occurring across regional Australia.

Turnbull must accept the 23 recommendations of Parliament’s NBN Committee to put more fibre in the network, improve customer rights and get this project back on track. He cannot continue to ignore the lived-experience of everyday Australians.

It’s high-time Malcolm Turnbull show some humility, accept his failings and fix his failed NBN.