Ann Sudmalis needs to fight for Gilmore Schools

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Whitlam) (13:45): A few moments ago this parliament was entertained by a shameful attack on the member for Cunningham by the member for Gilmore. The reason for this attack? The member for Cunningham was sticking up for schools in her electorate and students throughout the country—something that the member for Gilmore should be doing herself. I know that the member for Gilmore is very fond of 'fudge analogies'. Well, I call on the member for Gilmore to stop fudging the figures when it comes to school education. We know that the cuts in education are harming students across the country and in her electorate. In fact, $19 million is being ripped out of the schools in her very own electorate because of decisions of her government. Nowra East Public School will lose $1.3 million. Bomaderry High School will lose about $650,000 and Bomaderry Public School will lose $736,000. These are not wealthy areas; they are some of the poorest areas on the South Coast.

I am calling on the member for Gilmore to stop fighting for the hopeless policies of this Prime Minister and start fighting for the schools in her electorate. It is nearly two years until the next election. This is no time to quit. It is a time to roll your sleeves up and start fighting for the things that matter. And what matters for the schools in the South Coast, the Illawarra and the Shoalhaven is a decently funded education system that is going to give our kids an opportunity in the future.